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It's because I made myself invisible.

February 2011


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Feb. 28th, 2011

It's because I made myself invisible.

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~*Your Character*~
Name: H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock
Canon: The A-Team (movie, with influences of the television series, of course)
Appearance: 34 years old, 5'11 in height, green eyes, light brown hair and an Army Ranger tattoo on his right arm.
Personality: An man with a questionable past, however the question isn't of moral character, but sanity. Murdock is a veteran of the Iraq war, earning the rank of Captain, with Silver and Bronze stars, an Air Medal and two Purple Hearts for his service. Although it is unclear what his mental state was before that, as it isn't something he speaks of, it's likely his mental stability was rocked due to PTSD and questionable prior to his service. He grew up in Texas, raised by his grandparents and was an only child. His mother died when he was five, his father left him when he was 10. Murdock joined the Special Forces as a pilot after high school. He can speak several languages, including Swahili, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and some Russian. Murdock is clinically insane, and often adopts accents, personalities, has hallucinations, audible and visual, and forms relationships and fixations with inanimate or invisible objects. One reoccurring invisible companion is a dog named Billy. He also suffers from intermittent memory loss. However he does have the occasional grasp on the severity of serious situations, and performs well under pressure, as unlikely as that may seem, perhaps because he is too crazy to be afraid for his own safety. He's a fantastic cook and extremely adaptable to most circumstances, though he's not a man without his doubts, or paranoid delusions. It has been questionable whether all of his psychosis are genuine. Rarely serious and finds ways to entertain himself even at then annoyance of others, Murdock is a kind and sensitive soul with a love for cartoons, comic books, hats, 80s rock, Movie Westerns and, of course, flying.
Canon Point: Just after being arrested at the very end of the movie.

~*Writing Sample*~
First Person: (You have NO idea how hard writing a first person for Murdock is! LMAO)

"I'm like Harry Houdini! I chew through your cuffs!"

The BossMan would have a plan. Something rolling around in the back of his head like a pinball machine. And then he'd light his cigar and grin and-- well, when we got out of our cuffs. Could be kinda hard to smoke with your hands behind you. Maybe if you got someone else to light it and give it to ya, but I don't think the MPs were likely to--

Holy Helen a'Troy, what is THAT? There's something weird in front of me. Dead in front of me. Murdock sized, too. It is beautiful though. All blue and white around the edges but it's like I'm looking though a window early in the morning when the mist covers the edges. There's a whole 'nother town behind this thing. Except it's suppose to be the truck we're about to get into and not a...portal to another city! Another universe?

"Boy howdy! I got us a way out!"

I would have jumped into it, if the MPs hadn't pushed me in. Buncha no good bullies. I land hard on the pavement, in this new world. It's kinda had to think straight. This damn concussion... and contusion. Probably. I remember the difference now, I was just asking BA, I think I got both, but don't need stitches. I don't think. I thought I felt blood. I'm fine.

Even if the guys were looking at me kinda too concerned. Like not just 'got shot in the head covered in homemade kevlar' but like when I get in a bad way. When things aren't unicorns and rainbows and my visions and voices get spooky. It's making my head foggy and I can't think too good. I can't hear much of anything in my own head.

The town looks nice enough. I turn 'round, but I'm the only one here. No Face, or BA, or Hannibal or Murdock. No. I gotta check. I look down, still wearing that suit so I could pretend to be Morrison. I hate suits. Glad I don't have the jacket cause it is WARM out here. Like home. So, good, I'm here. But I can't hear nothing and I feel alone. Really alone. That's scary.

So, just where am I? Looks like a case for the great Sherlock Murdock! A-ha! A park. A fairly inconspicuous little park in a fairly inconspicuous little town... I shall question the flowers.

There's a good little patch of 'em and thank goodness, they're pansies. Roses are obnoxious and gossipy and geraniums are really touchy. They'll yell at you for no good reason. They remind me of BA. I miss him already. The pansies tell me I'm in a place called the Nexus. Plants are really smart if only more people would listen to them. Roots are just like telephone wires, and those plants yap at each other all the time. Well, it's not like they got anything better to do. A bright purple pansy in the back tells me I should explore and hang around. It's a nice place to live, they say. A yellow one upfront tells me that I've been expected. I give them a curious look. What do they mean, expected? They go wild! Look behind you! They all shout like they're given me a surprise party.

So, I do. Because if you can't trust the garden, who can you trust?

"Billy! Wow, did you surprise me!" I kneel down and nuzzle my dog's face. I can't pet him, but he doesn't mind. "Good boy!" Maybe this is where he lives when he disappears. BA tells me he isn't real, he's just imaginary, but when Billy licks my face and looks at me with those big brown eyes just so darn happy to see me, I think BA's the one that's crazy. Billy's real to me and that's all that matters.

"I haven't seen you in a while, buddy! Been a good doggie, right? Not chasing any cats up trees or nothin'?" Billy wags his tail. Well, if he had, I'm sure he had his reasons. "Let's see if we can find someone to get me out of these cuffs. They're starting to chafe. And I could use something for this daggone headache. Maybe a burger, too, huh? Sounds good?" Billy barks. "Extra cheese, for you, I know! This is your brother Murdock here, you think I forgot you like extra cheese!"