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It's just my neurosis. I've got my own diagnosis.

I see you. Can you see me?

H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock
1 January
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Name: H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock
Canon: The A-Team (movie, with influences of the television series, of course)
Appearance: 34 years old, 6'0 in height, green eyes, medium brown hair and an Army Ranger tattoo on his right bicep.
Personality: An man with a questionable past, however the question isn't of moral character, but sanity. Murdock is a veteran of the Iraq war, earning the rank of Captain, with Silver and Bronze stars, an Air Medal and two Purple Hearts for his service. Although it is unclear what his mental state was before that, as it isn't something he speaks of, it's likely his mental stability was rocked due to PTSD and questionable prior to his service. He grew up in Texas, raised by his grandparents and was an only child. His mother died when he was five, his father left him when he was six. Murdock joined the Special Forces as a pilot after high school. He can speak several languages, including Swahili, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and some Russian. Murdock is clinically insane, and often adopts accents, personalities, has hallucinations, audible and visual, and forms relationships and fixations with inanimate or invisible objects. One reoccurring invisible companion is a dog named Billy. He also suffers from intermittent memory loss. However he does have the occasional grasp on the severity of serious situations, and performs well under pressure, as unlikely as that may seem, perhaps because he is too crazy to be afraid for his own safety. He's a fantastic cook and extremely adaptable to most circumstances, though he's not a man without his doubts, or paranoid delusions. It has been questionable whether all of his psychosis are genuine. Rarely serious and finds ways to entertain himself even at then annoyance of others, Murdock is a kind and sensitive soul with a love for cartoons, comic books, hats, 80s rock, Movie Westerns and, of course, flying. "Howling Mad" is his actual name.